Reality Football © 2023

Play by the Rules.

1) You will pick four teams to win every week except for a bye week of your choosing until all teams have been picked twice and only twice. Picks must be made before kickoff. The regular season is worth a total of 64 possible points (4 picks per week x 16 weeks = 64)

2) A tie is worth .5 points.

3) There will be a post season tourney worth a total of 66 points. The playoffs work like this: There are 11 games total (4 wildcard, 4 divisional, AFC champ., NFC champ., and the Superbowl winner). You will assign each game a point value based on the confidence you have in that game using numbers 1-11 to assign those values. You can use each number once and once only. For example, if Denver is a 1-seed in the divisional round and heavily favored vs. 6-seed Baltimore and you felt very confident about that game, you could pick Denver and assign that game a point value of 11. Should Denver win, you would be awarded 11 points and you can no longer use that 11 points on any other game for the rest of the playoffs. Should Baltimore win, you would lose those 11 potential points. And the theme holds true for points 1-10 as well.

4) The tiebreaker will be the combined total for the Superbowl. Pick a number and the closest person to the total wins the tiebreaker. The tiebreaker will have to be entered before you can participate in the postseason (you won't know the teams playing when you enter your tiebreaker).